My Ireland, a Celtic Cape knit along.

Just about a year ago now, I received an invitation to join a group on called 'Ryans Eejits and those that fit in' ..... I accepted the invitation and found a family.

Then last fall, Meagheen (hereafter called Meggie!), asked who among us might be interested in knitting a Celtic cape. I think she might have been overwhelmed by the resounding response she got!

There are now over 100 of us around the world knitting the Story of Meggie's Ireland. Not all of us have Irish in our backgrounds but we all love Ireland's legacy of Celtic knots.

This blog will be my journal of that journey - My Ireland. As I knit my cape, I will post pictures of the patterns Meggie has designed and tell the stories behind those patterns - the story of an Irish lass and her family and the country they come from.

For myself, my paternal blood-grandmother was Irish - I'm told she had red hair and green eyes. I've never seen a picture of her, don't even know her name because of family dynamics but somehow some part of that Irish blood lives in me.

Eventually, the pattern for the cape will be available for sale. When that happens, all proceeds from sale will benefit yet another charity. Each pattern Meggie puts up for sale has a designated charity which receives the proceeds from all sales of that pattern.

To see more of this incredible artist's work, please check out Meagheen's Ravelry Store on

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Elbow gloves ........

Well, our Meggie just informed us that there will be yet another accessory for our capes ... elbow length gloves, done in a fingering weight wool. On size 1 needles. With buttons all the way up the arm ..........

I hate knitting gloves .... I can never get the fingers right. But I think I'm going to have to give them a try again. Perhaps I am finally a good enough knitter to get them right.

And my dyer tells me that she will have all my yarn done & ready to send out by this weekend! Finally!! I'm so excited at the thought that next week I'll be able to start my cape!!